Questions about our service

Questions and answers about our service,

Also please advise on below points:

1) Will the same driver be with us on all days or they will change

We are a family working together so you will meet most probably me and my cousin.

 2) Will the driver only know about driving or will be able to guide us a bit on the sights and places.

The driver can not go with you to any site he will just wait outside, but we are all Jordanian and working in the field from a  long time and willing to help anytime about anything, and at each Historical place in Jordan you can hire a licensed guide to explain the place for you for an extra fee, from 20 JOD to 50 JOD depends on the site.

3) If we take any stops on small detours on the way, will this be okay.

It is okay if is necessary issue, but we drive fixed routes and stop at each location for a fixed time, if you want a car and driver per hour we also have that option to do what you want, but i do not think it is necessary , as usually the time needed to visit the places are good enough for most travelers, and we tolerate as much as you want extra for a fee agreed before. 

4) If we need to shuffle the program a bit,  like the en route stops like Madaba, mt Nebo, Aqaba, Shobak, Kerak,Dana, etc, will this be okay. i.e., how flexible can you be.

We are very flexible, but at least before one day the program has to be fixed so we can arrange your time to be enough to visit the plan for the day, and not to miss anything, because we can advise you before one day if your program is doable on one day , also please check our car and driver per hour tour if needed. 

 5) What type of car would it be? We have a compact baby stroller along with 1 medium bag and 1-2 small bags. Though I think a sedan should be fine.

All our cars are the largest available in Jordan , like a Hyundai Sonata or Kia Optima all new with air-condition, … but of course their trunks are maximum for two bags and a baby stroller , f you need more space and privacy the mini Vans are a better and  nice option with big windows , the cost is more approximately 35%.    

6) If we need to stop at convenience stores or restaurants anywhere, will the driver be able to advise (we are vegetarian).

Yes sure we can stop whenever you like, within the time limits of your program.

7) Please advise if you can help with bookings at wadi rum. We are looking at reaching late afternoon, so a brief jeep safari 1-2 hrs, followed by stay at a private tent, with bed linen and towels provided, then hot air ballooning early morning, and a brief 30 min or so camel ride back out.

There are mainly two type of camps in Wadi Rum there are nice licensed camps with clean towels,they are a few considering the total number you see online, the rest is normal Bedouin camps their standards are not fixed so it a fun way to do it, of course much cheaper ,but  booking has to be at your own responsibility.

As for the activities, it better booked by your camp ,as most camps are inside the desert and they prefer to  arrange the transportation between the camp and the activity itself  it is easy and every camp arrange that, and maybe when you are there you would decide what you want to do as the actual place is different than the online reviews, and most travelers change their preference when they are there and you are a family so maybe it is too much for the ballon and camel for the kids ,….!

8) Also please advise if you can guide about the weather in Jordan, how cold/hot is it right now so we can pack accordingly.
The weather in October & November is very good , you would wear normal summer shirts most of the days, but it might rain so pack one warm Jacket and two hoodies with you and also notice  that  in the desert it becomes very cold at night.

Booking your transfer before you travel,

you can book through multiple online agencies that take a commission of the local travel agencies or limonene transport operators, such as or get your, if you use this site, you will be sure that it is not only just a booking engine to take a commissions there is a real person to take care of your information if something is missing or if you needed something like a car seat or you need to but a phone sim card.

Please Ask anything you like !

Kindly tell us about your experience by commenting to this post if you experienced any problems, or have a better suggestion or any warnings to future travelers kindly post it here, no need to login.

By sharing your experience you will have a great effect to eliminate all the tourist trap like taxi drivers and so on ….

Thank you. And enjoy Morocco

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