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Amman to Petra bus

amman to petra
Amman to Petra bus, How to go to Petra From Amman Bus options, 1- Most Reliable Bus. Jett Bus This bus operate all year and everyday , Amman to Petra  6:30 AM Petra to Amman   5:00 pm This schedule is fixed and will not change unless there is extreme weather conditions and the police closes...

5 things to see in Ajloun castle

Jordan Petra Safety
5 things to see in Ajloun castle The castle has a square geometrical shape, each corner crowned with a two-floor tower. 1-The two towers of the right of present Grand Entrance were added after the “Battle of Hattin”, as well as the trench that was trenched as a line of defense to protect the castle....

4 tips on visiting Petra

who built Petra in Jordan
4 tips on visiting Petra 1-To have a perfect trip to Petra, you should consider the following tips; it’s best to arrive early in the morning or potentially visit later on in the day to enjoy a breezy weather. Late in the morning, early in the afternoon is literally the worst time to be there, not...

Petra city of mysteries

How Far is Petra from Amman
Petra city of mysteries Petra is recognized officially as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are more than 800 registered sites in Petra to be visited, including around 500 tombs, making Petra city of mysteries the famous world known attraction. The best and most famous sites were listed in this article.   Petra's...
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