From Amman to Dead Sea

How to go from Amman to Dead Sea Resorts and hotels.

How to go from Amman to Dead Sea Resorts and hotels.
1- Most Reliable option.

Hire an English speaking Driver with an Air-conditioned car to drive you from Amman to Dead Sea Hotels and Resorts, i Suggest three options.

Distance and Time Table

OptionsDistanceTime on the road Visiting time.
Direct one way65 KM45 Minutes0 minutes.
ِMadaba and Mount Nebo Visit90 KM90 Minutes90 minutes.
Baptism Site Visit75 Km70 Minutes120 minutes.

-Option 1,
A simple Taxi drive from your hotel in Amman to the Dead Sea takes around 50 minutes.

-Option 2,
A nice introduction to our country as Madaba and Mount Nebo is on your way to the Dead Sea from the Amman, and both are very important sites with many fascinating things to see.
The best time to start is 9 am, and spending one hour in Madaba and another hour in Mount Nebo. The trip in total takes around 5 hours.

-Option 3,
The Baptism Site on your way to the Dead Sea Hotel from the Airport and Amman, where you will see where Jesus was Baptized.


A link to the Entrance fees to Jordanian Sites.

Amman to Dead Sea

2- Less convenient option to go to the Dead Sea from Amman by Bus and local transportation, Not Recommended.


Take a taxi to Muhajeren Bus station in Amman it is a small bus station near Downtown Area around 15 minutes walking from the markets after that take a bus to Sweimeh Village and from there charter a car to your hotel or a beach.


This is not recommended at all it is hectic, not safe, and just would take so much time for very little savings.

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