Amman Airport Bus

How to get from Amman Airport to Amman Hotel ?

Firstly Professional Tour company with English Speaking Drivers, holding a sign with your name on it.

Secondly official Airport Amman Taxi the grey cars outside of the building waiting for passengers.

Thirdly, Amman Airport bus to Amman North terminal or 7th circle stop.

Amman Airport bus is Option 3 here check it out.

Airport to Amman
Option 1 Book Online for only 25 JD

Airport to Amman Hotel in Downtown

Book Online with us an official tour operator. Costs  25 JOD only.

In less than two minutes you can book it Kindly write your flight number and time of arrival, and that’s it you are booked, very quick and easy.

What to Expect when you book with us?

The Driver will be waiting for you in the airport arrival hall holding a sign with your name on it.

All our drivers speak good English and know all hotels that tourists use.

Payment to be done in cash directly to the driver and it is all-inclusive tips and gratitude we guarantee you will not be asked for anything extra.

Frequently Asked Questions;

  • You will get a confirmation email when you book online.
  • Our WhatsApp Number is always available, you can contact us anytime if you need more information or any adjustments.
  • The driver will gladly be waiting for you to finish the visa and luggage pick-up, and he is responsible to check the actual flight number if there is a delay in the airplane arrival time.
  • Cancel anytime no strings attached just send us an email or WhatsApp, please let us know before 3 hours.
Option 2 Airport Official Taxi.

2-  A good Option especially for Arabic speaking travelers.

  • After you pick up your bags and walk outside the Take the airport Grey taxi.
  • This is only the official company, the grey cars are lined outside the terminal. 
  • They have a fixed price to go to any city in Jordan. The prices are shown on a big sign, payment is in cash to the driver.  
  • The cost to go from Airport to Amman is 22 JD for the car when this blog was updated in 2020, contact me in the comments section for more updated info. 
  • As an important note always have your hotel phone number with you so the driver will call him for directions.
  •  Do not forget to exchange money inside the airport so you can have the exact change and some extra for the tips and gratitude. 

Important Notes. 

  • Take care of scammers calling ”Taxi Taxi ” and they might say I am Uber.
  • Only the Airport taxi and licensed tour companies with prearranged pickup ” Holding a sign with your name on it ” is allowed to pick you up from the Airport.
  • Booking with other companies is illegal and you will waste some good amount of time if you got stopped by police.
Option 3 Airport Bus and Taxi

3- Less convenient option, low budget.

I Advise to take the airport shuttle bus airport-express Bus to Amman north terminal bus station and from there take a normal yellow taxi to your Amman hotel. 

How to take a normal taxi, Take care as most drivers know only the main hotels, not the hostels or the small hotels in Amman downtown they do not know where they are.

Therefore i advise to negotiate a fixed price and of course to have Jordanian cash with you the price of exchange can be checked here.

Ask me anything in the comment section as the prices change as oil prices change.

Amman Airport Bus to Amman
Commonly asked Questions

Which Bus station is better to use when going to Amman Downtown ?

Option one is the North terminal and Option two is the 7th circle stop, it is not that big difference neither in time nor money to choose which station you want to stop.

Going to Madaba;

Ask the person sitting next to you to tell you when you reach the 7th Circle stop, walk for 5 minutes towards the 7th circle and stop on the road heading to the Airport there are buses to Madaba.

In addition you will find people looking to share a taxi to Madaba, and hence you would save lots of time and effort

Please Share your experience !

Kindly feel free to Ask us anything about Jordan in the comments section down.

Share your experience to this post if you had any problems, or have a better suggestion or any warnings to future travelers kindly post it in the comments section down.

By sharing your experience you will have a great effect to eliminate all the tourist trap like taxi drivers and so on ….

Thank you. and enjoy Jordan 🙂

Frequently asked questions!

The Airport taxi is an official service with fixed prices that does not include tips or gratitude these prices change every while when there is an increase in Oil prices or so.

The prices are on most websites and blogs are lower or not updated, the prices can be checked on their official website but it is in PDF and only Arabic, the prices are clear on a big sign near the Taxis Parking Just outside the Airport terminal. It is 21.5 JD in 2020 you can ask me in the comment section down.


Warning, expect basic English and also small hotels and hostels are not well known for Airport taxi drivers so it is better to have the hotel phone with you.

It is 40 Km usually takes 50 minutes drive, but a good amount of time will be lost searching for the hotel if the driver does not know where it is ! so an hour is a good time.  

Yes, Uber is available but is against the law to pick up from airports, even if you found it online you are helping illegal activity and many of the drivers will tell you to go to the drop-off area and ask you to sit in the front seat or even to drive his car !! 

In order that the police would not ask questions and if they did stop you and they will stop you, you would need to lie to them and to say this is no Uber and he is my friend.

The Airport bus is every 30 minutes in day time, this is the official website you can check the schedule.

Take care of scammers waiting for you in the bus stops and stations.

This way is not advisable for the travelers coming for the first time in Jordan. 

Have Jordanian cash available and in the exact change also do not forget your hotel online number.

No Bus for this Route you can use the Airport official taxi or book with us we will send you a professional English speaking driver holding a sign with your name on it in the Airport Arrival hall. click here

The Only working International Airport in Amman is Queen Alia Airport, Symbol AMM, there is also an International Airport in Aqaba which is in the south around 4 hours drive from Amman.

Taxi in the streets in Amman is available and very cheap the normal trip is around 3 USD, but this is only for the locals, sorrily when travelers and tourist stop a taxi most of them will over price so we advise to ask your hotel for anything before you go.

It is 40 Km Only and between 40 Minutes and 60 minutes depending on the rush hour.

You can drink in Bars and some restaurants sell good Jordanian wine and international drinks also but not all restaurants , in Amman Downtown there are three great restaurants one of them is Zorba serving a great local Mezza type of food with Original local alcoholic drinks Arak 🙂 !

No buses for this route you can book with us a professional English speaking driver Book Now Quick and easy, or use the Airport official taxi from the official booth.

Look out from Harasser in the airport and not official service.

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