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Amman to Petra bus

amman to petra

Amman to Petra bus,

How to go to Petra From Amman Bus options,
1- Most Reliable Bus.

Jett Bus

This bus operate all year and everyday ,

Amman to Petra  6:30 AM

Petra to Amman   5:00 pm

This schedule is fixed and will not change unless there is extreme weather conditions and the police closes the roads , very rare to happen only when there is an extreme weather conditions.

Until the time i wrote this post , it is not available to book in advance by phone or email nor their website , but if you got there before 6 Am you will have a space available.

If you could not make it you have to go to plan B

Jett Bus Address and contact information.


Location: King Hussein street at Abdali Station
Opening hours: Daily 6.00h – 20.00h
Telephone: (06) 566 4146


Amman to Petra, Safe Driver

2- Less convenient option to go to Petra from Amman.

Take a yellow taxi from the street to Amman to South Bus Terminal “Mugama Al Ganoobee” “مجمع الجنوب” and from there take a bus to Petra bus station. The price should be between 3 to 5 Jd per taxi ride,and the bus charges 5 JD per person/ one way trip.

The best to be there before 2 Pm , this Bus will stop at Villages and Universities it is not a very comfortable ride but it is the Local way!

3-Least convenient option , to go from Amman to Petra.

The Service taxi and bus will make you pay extra for the Big Bags

Take the white shared taxi from Amman Down town near the gold market to in the South terminal bus station  and from there take a bus directly to Petra this is a public bus that goes when it is full, the best to be there before 2 Pm , this Bus will stop at Villages and Universities it is not a very comfortable ride but it is the Local way!

The price should be around 1 JD per person for the shared taxi,and the bus charges 5 JD per person one way.

Private Car and English Speaking Driver

1-The Desert High Way is the Quickest way to go to Petra  and cheapest costs

Book Now 90 JOD  Amman to Petra via Desert Highway  

2-The Kings High way is the longest and most scenic and cultural experience one ,where the drive is through the Valleys and mountains of  Jordan ,You can Visit Many places on the Way ,the most important is Karak Castle a 90 minutes visit is well worth it and many  stops on the Way .

Including many short picture stops like wadi Mujib and Wadi hissa and Dana Mountains and Karak castle stop 90 Minutes .

Book Now  110 JOD Amman to Petra Via Kings highway

3-The Dead Sea High way is the most romantic drive by the Dead Sea where you can Take a swim “Float” for one hour and continue to Petra , Costs 110.

 Contact Us for any Info.

Commonly asked Questions

Which Bus station in Amman should i use to go to Petra?

Please notice that Abdali Bus station is no longer working ,to go to Petra from the South BUS  station is the only bus station for local buses .

The Jett Bus in Abdalli Area is  the only one still  operating  in Abdali area and not in Abdalli Station it is 10 minutes walking from Abdalli Station


Why i do not know the exact time schedules and transportation fees?

The public buses does not have any time schedule in Jordan, most probably if you start your trip at 9 am there is buses and you will get there.Fees ; the fees are fixed for locals, but for tourist the bus drivers will ask for more not much usually around 5 JD/person/ride .

Please Ask anything you like !

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By sharing your experience you will have a great effect to eliminate all the tourist trap like taxi drivers and so on ….

Thank you. and enjoy Jordan 🙂

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