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Dead Sea Sunset trip

Dead Sea Sunset trip
How to do a nice Picnic at the Dead Sea Beach ?

Starting in Amman or Madaba, make sure to check the Sunset time which is  the same time for Magrib  prayer time , so you can ask the hotel or check this website for the Sunset time “ Magrib Time

Start your trip , with all your stuff needed before the time of Sunset time with at least two hours , the road need nearly one hour and to choose a perfect location and the set up to magnificent it would take some time.

If you have a car with you , you will need to prepare some sandwiches ,you might pass by a local bakery for fresh Pita Bread and go to a supermarket where you can go to the Deli section and choose some local delicacies like white cheese and black and green olives , you can order each item in a separate small plate with cover and take it with you…


If you prefer to choose this service our guy will have prepared all these items and with a small trips blanket so you can sit on the sand , he can prepare for you all your food and if weather permits he can do a local tea on the wood .

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