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Amman to Petra Distance

Amman to Petra distance

Amman to Petra Distance,


1- Option A , The Main Desert HighWay , from A to B. nothing on the road.

245 KM , and takes in the car two and a half hours.

note : that the main highway when the post is written in 2016 is not in a very good shape and many parts needs fixing.


2- Option 2

Amman to Petra Distance Via Kings Highway .

This is a great Way to Enjoy Jordan landscape and historical cities on the way.

it is longer than the desert higway and you can stop to visit Karak caslte or Shobak castle .

Most travelers take around 1 and a half hour inside Karak castle and 45 minutes in Shobak castel , with a 10 minutes short stops on Wadi El Hasa and Wadi El Mujib stops,

Average time spent is 7 Hours , and Amman to Petra distance in kilometers is 300 Kilometers.

Amman to Petra Distance,


3- Option C , Dead Sea and Up to Tafila and then to Petra.

275 KM , and takes in the car three and a half hours, without stops.

This road is in a very good shape and you can stop on the Dead Sea Beaches on the way , if you like driving near the sea this road is for you , the sea on the right and the mountains on the left.

You can visit Lot’s cave  on the way and stop to see the salt crystals and lot’s wife .

Tripadvisor reviews on lots cave

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