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5 things to see in Ajloun castle

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5 things to see in Ajloun castle

The castle has a square geometrical shape, each corner crowned with a two-floor tower.
1-The two towers of the right of present Grand Entrance were added after the “Battle of Hattin”, as well as the trench that was trenched as a line of defense to protect the castle.
2-The trench is 15 meters deep and 16 meters wide.
3-The castle also contains the bridge, a moving bridge they used to open it when they were at peace and close it when at war.
4-The main water- tank is located to the left of the Grand Entrance, five more water tanks are built inside the castle, that hold a huge variety of internal structures lobbies, halls and lounges.
Wandering in this marvelous castle you will sense the beautiful scent of time soothing your deranged imagination, and you shall become captive of these charming constructions.
5-From arc-shaped gates and windows to the breath-taking colored stones you will amazed with its harmony like if you are reading the whole thing as an enchanting verse of poetry.

Ajloun Castle History

Islamic military architecture, it is located approximately 75 Km northwest of Amman and 30 Km northwest of Jerash.
The Castle of Ajloun is a historical castle built in the Ayyubid epoch with orders from Salah Al-Dein Al-Ayyoby to one of his generals Ezz El-Dein bin Al-Monketh and he started constructing the castle in (1183 AD/ 580 H)
with its captivating appearance and on top of a high rise hill lays “The Castle of Ajlou’n” or the “The Castle of Salah AL-Dein”.

Museums and Culture

Similar to the people of Ajloun’s was their castle an eventual product of the coexistence of civilizations and a combination of religions from the dawn of history till this present day.
The influence of Islamic arts and an obvious trace of Grecian and Romanian arts is what give the castle the specialty of its feature.

The Jordanian department of Antiquities has decided to establish a museum in one part of the castle to treasure reserve and repair all archeological pieces found in the castle keeping them from being lost or damaged.
The museum has loads of antiques: Goblets, Pottery jugs, Fossils engraved with Islamic symbols, Mosaic, Metal crosses and many more ancient Christian symbols.
The antiques are put in chronological order according to the ages each was made in.
Each corner of this admirable castle tells a story of a soldier, one who casted an arrow, another who fired a catapult all, protected behind the thickness of its walls.

A growing numbers of tourists fascinated with its beauty, eager visit it are arriving from every country, city and town to have their hearts stolen by the beauty of these stones, talked about through ages.
Looking from the top of the castle, you can view the mountains of Ajloun embracing our of beloved Palestine.

The Castle of Ajloun is a part of home.. a part of us

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