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6 Things you have to see in Amman Citadel

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6 Things you have to see in Amman Citadel

1-Temple of Hercules

The most imposing structure ( 31 meter long, 36 meter wide), it is surrounded by very huge columns (thirty three foot tall) which rebuilt several times at iron ages, elbow and hand (fracture fingers) of a colossal ancient Roman statue found were believed to have belonged to Hercules but no one actually knows.
2-The Palace.

You should visit the Palace that sits at the top of the citadel. It is in ruins now but you can see what is left of it.
3-The Flag

From the citadel you can see the tallest flag in the world.
4-The Byzantine Church

was built in the 5th-6th centuries A.D. which was destroyed by earthquake it has a plan; nave surrounded by rows of columns, mosaic floor was discovered in the nave
roman planned theater. When in use it could sit up to three thousand people and it was used for all kinds of performances
5-Umayyad Mosque

 The mosque is surrounded by courtyard which goes to the
the mosque is visible everywhere inside the citadel.
6-Large Cistern

Also you can see large cistern at 5 meter deep and 16 meter diameter and 1,000 cubic meters capacity.
The cistern stored water, it was fed by rainwater there is a column standing in the bottom of cistern to measure the water level.

Amman Citadel Opening hours;

Amman citadel is open daily except Friday 8am-4pm (October – March)
8am-7pm (April-September)
Fridays it is open (10am-4pm)
you need an hour and half to visit the entire citadel

Some Notes on Amman Citadel

-Amman Citadel was re-discovered in 1960 s
-The Citadel located on hill in Amman (one of seven hills surrounding Amman) fifty miles northeast of Jerusalem and one hundred miles south Damascus, Settlements go back to Bronze Age.

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