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4 Things you have to see in Madaba

4 Things you have to see in Madaba

1- Mosiac map was found on the floor of the old church. The drawings on the mosaic are stunningly made that show Holy Land, villages and towns in Jordan, Palestine and north of the Delta in Egypt. This artistic piece is still preserved and opens for the public and it is considered one of the oldest geographical maps that represent the Holy Land. The most astonishing scene is that the representation of the old town of Jerusalem in the center of the map.

2-When you arrive to the city Madaba, and once you enter the visitor’ center, which is the old heritage houses. Houses where the old Madaba citizens built around 200 years ago which represents the original character of old Madaba.
3-The archaeological Madaba Park is located in the heart of the city next to the visitors’ center, where it has a number of important and traditional monuments and the Roman paved street which is restored and visible till the day.
In addition to some of the most beautiful mosaic floors that were discovered in Jordan.
The archaeological park includes 3 Byzantine churches the Virgin Mary Church (which has the magical Hippopotamus Hall) St. Elias Church and the vault of the St. Eljnos. The floor of the Hippopotamus Hall has one of the most beautiful and preserved mosaic piece that were ever found.

4-The Church of the beheading of John Baptist was built on top of the historical Tall of Madaba-the Acropolis- in 1913 A.D.  Over the ruins of an old church that built in 1883 to become the oldest church that holds continuous religious rituals and traditions till this day.

The visitor will have the opportunity to watch the work of designing a portrait, even participate in creating one.


History Brief
Jordan was the center for the ancient human being and the passageway for others, and it had settlements for the prehistoric times Jordan has remained a popular destination for visitors and tourists despite the regional, and neighboring instability the archaeological and touristic sites stayed crowded throughout the times.


Madaba is the capital of the mosaics and the city for the Islamic Christian coexistence, where the church bells embrace, the minarets of the mosques. The word Madaba-Maidba- is originally Aramaic which means the calm waters or the land of the water and the fruit or the noble place.
Madaba is located 33 km to the south of capital Amman.

Day Trips to Madaba City.

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